Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Fears [Whats yours?]


After reading the following blog post, pls do not use it against me.

Be warned... I bite >.<

Horror or Gore movies will never be on my “movie to watch” list.

Reason is simple; I get nightmares consistently for 3 days if I watch horror shows.

No matter how you force me, I would never ever watch horrors… like the following doodle:

My Evil Sister on the left trying to pull me to watch a horror movie with her. >.<

Why waste my money when I miss out most parts of the show? =.=

My hands will automatically cover my eyes whenever gore or horror appears.

But somehow, I’m immune to watching real life dead corpses, surgeries and ghost hunting TV shows.

Weird huh?


Bringing you to my next fear: Mr. Cockroach aka Xiao Qiang.

He sometimes pays me unexpected surprise visits. (Especially Outdoors)

Whenever I see one, my Goosebumps will come alive.

Mr. Cockroach must be thinking: "Why does she always avoid me?"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lovers and Haters for Great Singapore Sale~!!

Great Singapore Sales Lovers~!!!

Sales everywhere in Singapore,
Yeah for me...!
I Can Buy Buy Buy~!!!

Great Singapore Sales Haters~!!!

Oh gosh~ Sales everywhere in Singapore,
BOOOOOOOO for me...!
My Girlfriend gonna spend spend spend my money [=.='']
Sobs Sobs :'( [~Money Fly Fly~]