Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Life with the Virtual World

Drew a Anime "Me" and a Chibi "Mini Me"
...Doodling Doodling Doodling...

My Restaurant City in Facebook

Discovered a cool application.
You can create your own characters in it and start poking your friends.

First off, I created Myself [Valkyrieslife]
and then
Random creation
Some kind of Female Warrior

Guess what character is this?
[For gamers, they would know]
It's the little girl from the game [F.E.A.R]

Next, I created a look a like Final Fantasy 8 Rinoa Heartily
[Her Evening Wear]
Rinoa Heartily her Casual Wear

Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7

and last but not least
Sephiroth from FF7

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LONG blog post... Slowly read ah~

My Birthday 050909

Had 5 different Birthday celebration sessions with
my Friends, Family and Love ones :)

For the first time and out of curiosity,
I counted, exactly 63 people wished me Happy Birthday (^.^)
These wishes are priceless, Greatly Appreciated :)

Had Celebration @Hogs Breath

Delicious Steaks :D

Had a baking session on my Birthday with Summer


Mix mix mix

...Bake bake bake...

Ta-dah~!!! Vanilla Cookies!

Went to Cafe Cartel for Lunch

My only favourite dish in Cafe Cartel.
Baked Seafood Macoroni with additional mozzarella cheese :p~
Is a must try if you haven.

New stuff won't come if Old stuff don't go

Reorganizing and cleaning My room

I'm giving away this much of clothes, bags, books, stationaries and shoes.

Empty Drawer

Reorganized Clothes
If you put your clothes this way,
its easier for you to see and choose what you're looking for

Treasure Hunt Findings

The whole process is like going on a treasure hunt.
You may find things that brings back memories or
things you didn't even know it still exist in your room [O.o]

My Hello Kitty Lomo Camera
Bought for only $25 in yr 1999 thats like freaking 10yrs ago [>.<]

Guess what is this?
A wrapped up present? A book?

Its a Book look alike Menu I handmade it for
my Home Economics Exam in yr 2000.
I score high marks for it.
Was also used as a inspiration examples for
other students and teachers to view.

Had these stamps since I was 5.

Attended Basic Japanese Speaking Courses
And this is my name convert in Japanese

Painted this simple scenery in my High school days

My LEGOS~!!!
Keeping them for my next generation
Legos... you can never get bored of them.

Polly Pocket
Keeping them too.

I wrote 4 books of stories books at the age of 15.
And I am still the only reader lol. [XD]
Hope after this long blog gives you inspiration to do something creative in your life :)