Monday, November 30, 2009

Exam coming and I'm still Playing FB >.< SHIT~!

MIA these past few weeks is all because of Bling Town (>.<)
Exams are around the corner and I can't stop Blinging lol

Oh MAN~!!! I shall stop Blinging and start Mugging >.<

Here are some Picture in Blingtown

[Me and My Guildmembers \m/DevilzChild\m/]

Guild Master
\m/Devils Child\m/

In Blingtown you can decorate and build your home
Check what I have been Building (^_^)

Concert Room

My Exterior of my House
[This is when I'm Poor]
My Living Room
My Bedroom with my Guildmembers

This is when I'm rich XD
[The Exterior of the Church I build]

[The Interior of the Church]

...Side Track...
[Here is My Cute Jero lol]

This picture is Extreme KAWAIII to the Max.
Jero wrap himself in between Pillows (>.<)
I was laughing non-stop when I happen to peek at him.
Ahahaha Jero~
You make my DAY :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Creation I did

Esmond asked me to mark his batteries
so he could identify which batch of batteries
need to be charged.

...Since he said I can create any kind of
markings as long as there is a difference...

this is what i came out with....

First Batch of Batteries
[With only Black Ink]

Second Batch of Batteries
[With Rosie Cheeks, Arms and Legs]

And had a little fun with it
by adding Bubble Call outs :D

And these is what you can do with a little bit of creativity :)