Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Creation I did

Esmond asked me to mark his batteries
so he could identify which batch of batteries
need to be charged.

...Since he said I can create any kind of
markings as long as there is a difference...

this is what i came out with....

First Batch of Batteries
[With only Black Ink]

Second Batch of Batteries
[With Rosie Cheeks, Arms and Legs]

And had a little fun with it
by adding Bubble Call outs :D

And these is what you can do with a little bit of creativity :)


♥GLADYS ; 郑歆颖 said...

er, hello.
i'm just one of ur readers.
i wanna ask if you can help me create one doodle?
cos all those animation you did was so cute! ^^

Valkyrie Tay said...

Hi, thank you for reading :) what do u want me to create?

♥GLADYS ; 郑歆颖 said...

erm, erm.
like for anniversary like that. (:

Valkyrie Tay said...

Email me the details. :)

♥GLADYS ; 郑歆颖 said...

mail me. (: