Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Back~~~~


~Happy Valentine's Day~

It's sucks when Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year clashes on the same day.
Would you rather collect Ang Pows or go on a date your Significant Other to celebrate Vday?

For me, definitely, collecting Ang Pows [$_$] [Red Packets = Money].
Coz Everyday to me, can be Valentine's Day

My Doodles

Devil vs Angel

Doodled my friend within minutes :D

Doodled Myself

Love Me... Don't Hate Me (>.<)

Present I received on 2009 Xmas
[Late Update >.<]


Cooking Dinner for My Family :D
Simple Chicken Vegetable Soup


Eileen bake these cookies for me on Xmas


...Heart Shape Fried Calamari...


Celebrated Xmas with my BT Friends :D

My screen got Bugged.
And got me being invincible.
But seems like they turn me into a Gold Bar lol

One of my friends in Bling Town wanted to propose to his Girlfriend.
So he ask me for a favor to help him think of a creative way to propose.

...So this is what I suggested...
I helped him build this Huge Engagement Ring.

...And Guess what she says...

Yes!! (^_^)

Sorry for neglecting my Blog for a longggg time.
I'm gonna try to blog more... soon... :) Ciao