Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas Everyone :) [Long Post]

Haven been Blogging for Weeks (>.<)
Sorry for neglecting you My Dearest Blog XD
It's gonna be a LONG~ post
[Plenty of Pictures]
...First of all...
Y(^o^)Y Greetings To My Readers Y(^o^)Y

I... have been busy.... Blinging LOL

Attending to Events after Events

Whenever this person sees me, he will blush haha~
I find his actions are Adorable!

Guess who turn them into Plushies (◕‿◕)

Here are a few of
My Creation that I build in Bling Town

Valkyrie's Church Exterior

Valkyrie's Church Interior

Valkyrie's Soccer Stadium

Valkyrie's Dream Home [Lake House]

Dream House Lobby

Dream House Living Room

Concert Room

Concert Room's Balcony

Dream Home Master Room

Dream Home Swimming Pool

Dream Home Maze

Dream Home Walk-In Wardrobe

Dream Home My Baby Girls Room

Dream Home Library

Dream Home Japanese Kitchen

Janson & Valkyrie Team Mall
[Me and Janson Build this together]

\m/The Packers\m/ Guild Roller Coaster
[Me and Devil'sChild Build this together]

- Well... thats the End of Bling Town Pics -

doing what I'm doing on the webcam screen :P

Christmas Gifts

Although I had created My own Planner,
but I couldn't resist it after I saw a couple of
Online shops selling
Cute Korean Diaries/Organizers!!!
I decided that
I NEED to have one of those!!!
and so I bought mine at

Here are some pictures of the Diaries that I bought.

I bought this as a Christmas Gift to one of my Dearest Busiest Friend :)
2010 Diary / Organizer

It is small and light, you can carry around anywhere.
And they even provide little Zip lock pouch like the picture as shown

I was so excited when it arrive to my door step,
My Best Friend Ethan offer to Pay for my
2010 Diary/Organizer as a Christmas gift.
Thank you! (^_^)

Look how cute it is!!!
Comes in a Box

Inside the Box
A Diary/Organizer and a Number Rubber Stamps

Number Rubber Stamps

Stickers are provided)
I can't wait to make use of my Diary/Organizer

The Insides Of the Diary/Organizer

I was pleased with the service and happy that my goods arrive on time.
But i didn't expect this

A few days after I receive my package
I received a letter from Cotton Candy Island
What could it be?

More Stickers~~~~!!! (>.<) LoL
It was a Christmas gift for their customers!
How sweet (_‘)
Thank you Cotton Candy (^_^)

Christmas Gift I received from Esmond

18 Diamonds Cross Pendant.
I didn't really expect it
But I love it!!!
~Thank you Baby~


Received Handmade Jero Look-alike
Key chain for Christmas Gift
Looks Cute!!! Do u think it look like Jero?

After Unwrapping the Presents.. I felt Hungry.
So I Made myself Lunch.

...Last But Not Least...

The Cutest Thing he did!

"Why are u sitting on the flower pot JERO~~!!!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Accumulation Blog Post of [Esmond's Birthday / Surprise Dinner / His and Hers Collection]

The things that I have done for Esmond

On His 30th Birthday

[23 September 2009] 02.30pm
Esmond is clueless about what
plans I had arrange on his Birthday.

Brought him to Suntec City,
had him guess where will we be having lunch.

Lunch @ Swiss Culture Restaurant

We had Mushroom Soup

Main Dish: I had Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Pasta

Main Dish: Esmond had Swiss Sausage with Rosti

After Lunch and Shopping,
I brought him to our next surprise destination.

I've made bookings for a couple spa @ Citi Spa

110mins of
[Steam Bath, Jacuzzi and a Relaxing Full Body Massage]

Our Couple Massage beds

We hop a cab and went down to Valley Point.
I lead and he followed to our next surprise destination.

Dinner @ Dozo Fine Dinning
[7 Course Meal]

Theme of the restaurant

We had a view from the corner window

Refreshing drinks was served

Red Wine for Esmond and White Wine for Me

For Starters:
we had Chef's seasonal assorted platter
Raw Salmon followed by Scallop and foie gras

For Cold Dish:
Esmond had
Succulent King Crab Claw Salad Drizzled

and I had
Smoked Duck Breast with bed of
Greens with Cranberry Vanetta

Side Dish:
Esmond had the Garlic Grilled Bamboo Clam

Side Dish:
I had Foie Gras Chawamushi topped with
black truffle slice
[I love this alot! Every spoon of it melts in your mouth]

For Soup:
I had Crab Bisque [I'm loving it :p]

Esmond had
Infusion of crepes mushroom and truffles

Main Course:
Esmond's Sizzling HOT! Beef Tenderloin on "Pu-Ye"
and granite hot stone.
Its hot even until the last bite.

and mine...
Baked Atlantic cod fillet on puff pastry :P

Esmond had
Iced Fruity Refresher and
I had Ice Mallow apple Melody

Esmond's Japanese "Ma-Chee"
served with Green tea Ice-cream.
If you see closely, you can spot a face lol

My dessert
is the famous Freshly baked warm chocolate cake
served with Vanilla Ice-cream

While happily finishing our desserts,
another surprise arrived.
A Birthday cake was presented to Esmond ;P

Smiles :)
[And he thought that was his
only Birthday Gift from me]

[24 Sept 2009] 10.33pm

The next day; after his hard day at work.
He received a simple made card by
me placed nicely on his laptop.

He have to shade with crayons to
reveal the hidden message i wrote for him

his own coloring creation that
reveals the secret message.

In this message,
I've reminded him what we had done on his bday,
hopefully he won't forget.

And end of the message i wrote:

He searched up and down and
he found it with the clues i gave him.

Open it and I can tell from his expression...
A book O.o?
He had the rules of work and rules of life
so i bought him rules of wealth lol.
To him... this present is... just normal.

he flips open the page briefly
and he saw another hidden note.

He hurriedly shades it >.<

The fun...
another clue given to him for his next present!

Happily ran out of the room and
search desperately for his present excitedly.

Unwrapped the present and
He Smiles at me and said:
Its a Holga Lomo Camera!!! :D
[which he wants to get it for a long time]
and the Book was only a trick to bring in
his disappointment so when he received
his next surprised present,
his excitement will be greater

A whole new set,
Black Holga Lomo Camera,
35mm Film converter and a color flash.

His and Hers

Our Ipods

Our Laptops

Our Mouse

Our Thumb drive

Our Organizer

Our Rubix Cube

Our Office Mug

After Baby came back from Reservist outfield camp.
I Made a Last Minute Surprise Dinner and Massage for him :)

Setting Up Dinner Table at his room

For Starters...
Wrapped Bacon with Golden Mushroom,
Top it with Teriyaki Sauce

Esmond Love this dish alot!

Fine Dining at home, at our own comfort.
With White Wine :P

For Appetizer...
Mushroom Soup with toasted Bread and Croƻtons

Main Course...
Poach Salmon with Roasted Garlic
Herb Cream Sauce and Organic Veggies

Enjoying our dinner

And last but not least,
A Simple Dessert
Waffles with Vanilla Vienetta Ice Cream
I admit, this dish i didn't make it,
i bought it separately and combine them.
It's Delicious!

Clearing the dishes after a delicious dinner
Can you see a Face hehe

Setting up for the Massage Bed lol

My days without Esmond Letters!

[Side Track]

New Room Created in Bling Town

Jero Pokemon Card lol