Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas Everyone :) [Long Post]

Haven been Blogging for Weeks (>.<)
Sorry for neglecting you My Dearest Blog XD
It's gonna be a LONG~ post
[Plenty of Pictures]
...First of all...
Y(^o^)Y Greetings To My Readers Y(^o^)Y

I... have been busy.... Blinging LOL

Attending to Events after Events

Whenever this person sees me, he will blush haha~
I find his actions are Adorable!

Guess who turn them into Plushies (◕‿◕)

Here are a few of
My Creation that I build in Bling Town

Valkyrie's Church Exterior

Valkyrie's Church Interior

Valkyrie's Soccer Stadium

Valkyrie's Dream Home [Lake House]

Dream House Lobby

Dream House Living Room

Concert Room

Concert Room's Balcony

Dream Home Master Room

Dream Home Swimming Pool

Dream Home Maze

Dream Home Walk-In Wardrobe

Dream Home My Baby Girls Room

Dream Home Library

Dream Home Japanese Kitchen

Janson & Valkyrie Team Mall
[Me and Janson Build this together]

\m/The Packers\m/ Guild Roller Coaster
[Me and Devil'sChild Build this together]

- Well... thats the End of Bling Town Pics -

doing what I'm doing on the webcam screen :P

Christmas Gifts

Although I had created My own Planner,
but I couldn't resist it after I saw a couple of
Online shops selling
Cute Korean Diaries/Organizers!!!
I decided that
I NEED to have one of those!!!
and so I bought mine at

Here are some pictures of the Diaries that I bought.

I bought this as a Christmas Gift to one of my Dearest Busiest Friend :)
2010 Diary / Organizer

It is small and light, you can carry around anywhere.
And they even provide little Zip lock pouch like the picture as shown

I was so excited when it arrive to my door step,
My Best Friend Ethan offer to Pay for my
2010 Diary/Organizer as a Christmas gift.
Thank you! (^_^)

Look how cute it is!!!
Comes in a Box

Inside the Box
A Diary/Organizer and a Number Rubber Stamps

Number Rubber Stamps

Stickers are provided)
I can't wait to make use of my Diary/Organizer

The Insides Of the Diary/Organizer

I was pleased with the service and happy that my goods arrive on time.
But i didn't expect this

A few days after I receive my package
I received a letter from Cotton Candy Island
What could it be?

More Stickers~~~~!!! (>.<) LoL
It was a Christmas gift for their customers!
How sweet (_‘)
Thank you Cotton Candy (^_^)

Christmas Gift I received from Esmond

18 Diamonds Cross Pendant.
I didn't really expect it
But I love it!!!
~Thank you Baby~


Received Handmade Jero Look-alike
Key chain for Christmas Gift
Looks Cute!!! Do u think it look like Jero?

After Unwrapping the Presents.. I felt Hungry.
So I Made myself Lunch.

...Last But Not Least...

The Cutest Thing he did!

"Why are u sitting on the flower pot JERO~~!!!"

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