Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Hamster Imitate Wolf Howling

This is what happen when I show my Hamster a Howling Wolf Video LOL

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone =D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Creative Birthday Gift

Want to know how to create 
Minecraft Papercraft Display?

Read further

Let me do a Short intro on Minecraft

Its a game that you can Build, create and play along with your friends

Go Search on youtube for Minecraft
and you will get a better understanding on this game.

My BF and I have been playing this game since.... Ver. 1.6
And since then, we are both hooked to the game

Ok... skip to the main point.

Here I'm using:
A Display box (Available in Daiso); Card Paper, Color Printer, Scissors, 
Color Markers, glue and Ice-cream Sticks

Step 1:
Draft a design on how you want your display to be.

Step 2:
Using Color printer and print it on Card Paper

 Step 3:
Cut it out

Step 4:
Put on glue on those outer layers at the corners.
And start sticking it together

I do not have a fantastic color printer, so whenever I fold it.
The color on the edges flakes off. (As shown in pic)
 To fix that, I will pick a marker color closest to the color and cover it.

Please do take note for the left and right arms.
You have to leave one of the flaps on the side outwards
to paste it on the body, so that both of your arms
is movable.

Step 5:
Paste them all together.

Step 6:
Get your display box and start to paste the grass at
the bottom and the background scenery.

Step 7:
Once your done, Assemble them all together 
to the look you want it to be.

You this is how you get your complete 
Minecraft Paper Craft Display

Perfect gift for your Significant Other if he/she is a Fan of
Minecraft =)


For those who dislikes Cute and Cuddly HAMSTERS 
....Please stop here....
Brought home 5 Roborovski Baby Hamster

Put them in a nice comfortable place to live in

And they make themselves feel at home