Sunday, March 28, 2010

Celebrates My Best Friend 26th Birthday :)

Celebrating my Best friend of 13yrs Birthday.

She request that she want something
special for her Birthday this 2010.
As currently, I'm still jobless..[sobz]
money running low.
So I decided to make her something
which money could not be bought.
It took a week for me to brainstorm what i could make for her...
So.. this is what i came out with..
Look at the pictures one by one and read it.

This is the Day... My Beloved Friend's 26th Birthday..
Before meeting her, i lay out her presents.
*A Bouquet of fabric roses
*A Care bear of Love
*A Ferrero Rocher Rose [Using my own Method] place in a bottle.
*A small red Book [Soon to be discovered whats inside]
*A gift box [To place the book and the Glass Bottle]

*A Bouquet of fabric roses
[It symbolize that My friendship and love for her will never die.
She represents the rose in purple and Me
in pink surrounding her with my love]

*A Ferrero Rocher Rose [Using my own Method] place in a bottle.

Another view of the rose.

She unwraps the box, discovered rose
in bottle and a little red note book.

She looks at me and wonders herself
"Why did I give her a note book for?"
I smile at her and ask her to read it (^_^)

She started reading..

Introduction: A Special Gift, For a Special Friend.
My Friend for 13 years :)

I remember very clearly, the day we first met
was on the first day we enroll for our High school.

We sat together during class.Talked about almost everything.

Even when we're home, we chatted on the phone for hours...

I'll always head to your house first and took a bus with you to school.

At times, we will wake up earlier just to
eat our favorite Macdonald's Big Breakfast :D

You know If I could, I will be there for you when you need me...

We had arguments, but not for long... we made up :)

You came over to my house for a stay.

We sneak out in the
middle of the night [without my parents knowing :P]
walked to the nearest 24hr 7 Eleven to buy snacks.

Took Neo Prints together.

Shop together :)

Exchange Gifts

I gave you your very first stalk of rose.

You had an minor eye surgery operation.
You're scared, i skipped school to give you
encouragement and to accompany you.

Lying on my bed listening to songs that we love

LOL we dye each other's hair

Those are the things that we
have done during our teenage years :)

But things haven changed much...
Lets Fast Forward 13 yrs later

We still chatted as much lol

When we are at our own home, instead of using the phone,
we use MSN or we web cam each other :D

We still wakes up early for Big Breakfast :)
but this time, we went with your son ^^

We still have sad moments and we are there for each other :)

No More Neo Prints :D. we had camera Phones :D
we can take as much pictures as we want ^^

Still going shopping together ^^

This time, i did't skip school..
but i took a day off from work just to
visit you in the hospital when you gave birth.

And.. On your 26th birthday :)
i didn't give u a stalk of rose. I gave u a bouquet of roses ^^

Happy Birthday My Beloved Friend.
^^ Love you lots Muwah!

Remember.. the days and things
we have been thru.. when we are together..

Right after she finish reading...
A Surprise cake enters from the chef's kitchen..
The friendly stuff at 211 Roof Terrance Cafe Sings
Happy Birthday to My Beloved friend.
[She didn't expect that to happen and
was touched with tears in her eyes @.@]

Time to eat!!

Om nom nom nom
YUMMIE :P slurps!

Happy 26th Birthday My Beloved friend.
I hope you have a memorable Birthday (^_^)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Be Part Of It

...Earth Hour...
27th March 2010 8.30pm - 9.30pm