Friday, April 30, 2010

LONG POST!!! again >.< ehehe

Let the Pictures do the talking :)

Doodles on my Sketch Book :)

My Art Work

This was done as a present for my Friend :)

Just for the fun of it, I mold a heart shape out of a dripping candle wax.

My Cookings :)

Fish Noodle Soup :P

Smiley Instant Noodles :)

My First Attempt of cooking Longevity Noodles for my Dad's Birthday ^^

Such a Big Bowl... and he manage to finish it all :D

...Where have I been to...

Toy Museum!!!

A short Vacation at Bintan

Photos that I've taken,
No Photoshop have been done.
Taken with a normal 8mp digital camera

The Villa that we're staying

After rain

Yummie Seafood Restaurant :P

Taking a stroll at the beach

Mr crabby ~

~End of Trip~