Friday, August 21, 2009

EXAMS OVER~! [Holidays!]


Have been studying like Mad.....Rushing rushing rushing~!!!
Haven slept well in days, panda eyes appearing >.

I'm blessed and glad that I have friends, families and
love ones who encourage me to study hard.
They've wished me good luck on my exams
which boost my motivation and confidence!
Strongly appreciated for the support.
Thanks Alot~:D

[Avocado / Dragon fruit] Fruit Juice made by Esmond's Mom,
which she said it helps stimulate my brain and have better memory.
Esmond have such a sweet caring Mom :D

While studying, I heard a bird chirping and I look out of the window.
Just nice to snap a shot ^_^

I've made a simple drawing "Jia You"
on my screen saver to remind me to work harder.

My Last paper Exam
[Exam board outside Exam Room]
About 200 over people sitting for exam.
And now... it is my HOLIDAY~!!

My Artwork
Handmade template for my Schedule Planner.
....Was suppose to scan and print....
But the printer's ink have dried out~
Disappointed (=.=)


Esmond have been giving me tuition for the
pass few weeks and to show my gratitude,
I bought him Elmo c00kie :D

And also to reward myself for the hard work, I bought myself brownie lol

My favourite Cheese Tofu.... Yummy yummy~!
Anything with cheese... I love~!

Esmond's Dad Birthday :D
Swensens Ice-cream cake

Maggie noodles cook by me for Esmond
He is always hungry >.<

Jero BOY~!
Look at him striking a pose for me lol

and here he trying to act cute

Looking for food again Jero? :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

Exam Period (Rushing~)

Yeap~! I study so hard and so late that I fell asleep just like that....
Exam is around the corner, and everyone is so stress out.

Exam Day

I woke up early to Revise and I saw this simple sweet note from Baby.
It definately brighten up my Day~! ^_^
"Good Luck Baby" Love Esmond

Charmaine (Esmond's Sister) Also slip a note thru the Door.
Another note that brighten my day ^-^
[Like Brother like Sister lol]

Charmaine even bought this sweet to encourage me to study harder haha
[Sweet people give sweet things ^-^]
I am really glad I have someone to cheer me up when I'm stress out.
Thanks guys!!! Love you lots ^-^

Another piece of my Artwork

Charmaine and Hanson wanted their own personal space and so they decided to split up their room {as shown in the pic}

Charmaine too had more assignments and studying to do than me, as a result, she won't have much time to design her own room. So I decided [during my free time] to design it for her as a surprise gift. She is such a sweet person, she should be appreciated,
and this is what she deserve from me :)
[Ok... I confess... this also benefits me, because I LOVE TO DESIGN lol]

I over heard that her criteria for her room is:
-Red and White Theme.
-She wants to have an option for a place to study
either on table or a space on the floor.
-She always dream of having her own library corner.
If your thinking of designing your Home or Room

This website may help you :)

I also drew a 3d using MS paint so she can picture how it will look like.
[OMG I just had a DejaVu >.<]

Food Food & Food

Baby and I having Sakae Sushi for lunch during Weekends

Kani Chawamushi [My Fave]
Yummy Yummy~!!!

This is how much I love Wasabi
[I like that tingle feeling]

Salmon Sashimi, Beef curry Udon and Teriyaki Beef Wrap with Golden Mushroom. Slurp~!

My Favourite Soya bean drink with Grass Jelly.
I love it so much that I drink it like... 3 times a week?

Baby bought me Apple Strudels!!! Triple Yummy~!!!
Which he knows that I've been craving for it in weeks!
It's the thought that counts :)

Own cheeky Jero Boy

Well... I'm embarrass to say that Jero loves to eat anything.
...Even his MEDICATION...

Look at him... slurping away
Enjoying it =.=

He loves to sit on high places so he can see everything.
But after that, he have no idea how to get down.
Silly Jero (=.=")

What is he up to again?

Looking out of the window.
He gaze at it for quite some time.

Comparing his little paw and my hand...
It's freaking adorable....
Jero maybe naughty and causes us trouble everyday,
but we still love him as much.