Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Life with the Virtual World

Drew a Anime "Me" and a Chibi "Mini Me"
...Doodling Doodling Doodling...

My Restaurant City in Facebook

Discovered a cool application.
You can create your own characters in it and start poking your friends.

First off, I created Myself [Valkyrieslife]
and then
Random creation
Some kind of Female Warrior

Guess what character is this?
[For gamers, they would know]
It's the little girl from the game [F.E.A.R]

Next, I created a look a like Final Fantasy 8 Rinoa Heartily
[Her Evening Wear]
Rinoa Heartily her Casual Wear

Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7

and last but not least
Sephiroth from FF7