Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Hanson~!!!

(Making of this present was kind of a last min idea
[due to busy Exam schedule],
So if it wasn't good, I apologise :p)

While i was tearing this eye, i notice something...
I tore out this lady's eye and this is what i've got!
The next page having the same ad but its a different lady.
Kind of an unexpected made out of Art LOL!
Done with the Box.
Next, Own made Card aka Last Minute Present >.< [Sry Han]
Draft out what to be done
With Drawing Paper, crayons, glue and a creative mind.
I've created a simple card.

(The following items are according to his wish list)

Guess what's inside the envelope?
If you guessed Money, Your right!
In this box, it includes,
Love Letters from his wonderful Family members;
Own made Card from me;
CK Pen (given by his mom);
and a own made video [again made by me]

This own made video clip is made especially for you Hanson

[Btw if your wondering who is Hanson to me, his my BF's Little Brother :D]

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