Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reasons Why I Look Forward to be Home

Fun & Creative
I've created this photo wallpaper and set it as my desktop background.

Whoever is reading this now, if you have a blog or not.
Take pictures of the things you look forward to go home for.
Post it on your Blog if you have one or just set it as your desktop wallpaper.
You can post/accumilate as many photos as you can as long you had a reason for it. :)
(Tools to use: MS Paint / MS PowerPoint ; Phone Cam / Camera)

It could be anything example:
Photos of your family, your pets, your bed, your bath tub, your massage chair etc. etc.

Hope you had fun :)


Anonymous said...

you've got a really cool blog!!

bigears said...

i look forward to be in your home... :p

Valkyrie said...

haha... XD

angelineee said...

i realise one thing...ur laptop also vaio? if yes wat colour? white also? if like tat...we both macham many alike lehz :)

Valkyrie said...

Nope, I'm not using Vaio. I'm using MSI laptop :)and its pink lol