Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mugging for Exams~

Exams around the corner...
I hate it when I have to push away my FUN moment
and start my STRESS moment.

There are many ways to make my studying less stressful
and improve my memories better.

Eating sweets, studies have been proven
that eating sweets will reduce stress lol.

So... while studying...
I ate a few of my Favourite Strawberry marshmallow
whenever I'm stress doing problem sums.
It's not those strawberry jam kind of fillings, but strawberry cream fillings.
It taste so goooood, that I got my friends hooked on it. :p

My cute little Red Pencil box with Valkyrie doodle paste inside. (^_^)

Listening to nice relaxing music, enjoying my Hot Milo in a cool temperature room and studying at the same time. I believe in what environment space that you study in affects how well you concentrate or how much you memorize.

Like our body response to music, by rhythm, it can make you angry, sad, happy, excited or relaxed. AND it can improve memory.

Here are the FACTS:


"It's a start.....
Live your life wonderfully." :)

This picture will be a part of my Planner.

Just need a Paper, a Black marker and a Pink highlighter.
.....And you get this.....

Here's a little peek!
I just created the book cover of my Planner.
A closer view
And the Back of the book cover, I stitch my name.

Ever since Baby started work, he have been working overtime,
every single day.
I decided to do this little surprise DIY massage spa for him.
I bought candles and massage oil, and make his room like those relaxing spa saloon.
Dim lights, soft relaxing music and scented candles.
I lay down a towel and a small pillow underneath it,
so the massage oil won't dirty the bed :p
A bathrobe, just like every spa saloon has it.
At the end of the spa, baby is satisfied with the massage,
and I'm glad he loves it :)

Jero stop by and says "Hi~!" LOL


bigears said...

when r u giving me a massage? i oso work OT everday lei ~ :P

Valkyrie Tay said...

lol... Busy studying... :x