Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Many Things Too Little Time

Busy busy busy!!! Projects, Tests and Exams~!! So many things to do with so little time.

I'm so busy that I lost track of time, I NEED A PLANNER~!!! Everything is so messed up in my life right now, I need to set things right. 'sigh~!'

While my life is freaking busy, I created a small simple craft work for my Mom and Sis. Guess what it is...

It's a EZ link card holder~!! Hand made with love by me :) I don't see or meet them often, so a simple handmade will show them some love from me.

And SINCE I need a planner, I will be making a planner book for my next hand made craftwork project. Will post it up when I'm done with it.

Doodle doodle doodle and more doodle.....

This is what I'll be doing when the lesson gets too boring...

A doodle I did to encourage my friend to study hard.

The Valkyrie Doll
I drew a stitch for my friend and he paste it on his pencil box.

If you think I'm a naughty girl for not paying attention in class, read this newsweek article

Doodling in class can help improve your memory! It's proven!

I manage to squeeze some time to do some shopping and pamper myself with a nice relaxing DIY home spa...

Bought Stitch and Angel from Cheapesttoyeva blogshop, now I'm taking them home with me :p
They look so kawaii~ I can't take my hands off them
One happy family lolx

Also....I had a sudden cravings for Chilli Crab :p~

And it taste Yummy!!

Our neighbour's dog "Bayzel" went missing, Baby and I help search for Bayzel around the neighbourhood. We didn't manage to find Bayzel and decided to call it a day.

But the following morning, we got a Thank you card from our neighbour.

Bayzel is Found~!!!! What a relieve~

They found Bayzel with a kind old lady [also a dog owner] walking dogs around the void deck hoping Bayzel will be spotted by its owner.

Last but not least, please take your time to read up this forum post, it might change your life.

It's about a family that hold on to offences

[Noted that this real life story will bring tears and emotions but its worth knowing]

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