Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow...It's been a year plus since my Last Blog Update.

Have been too busy with work and life which made me neglect my Blog.

Of course... I did not give up on any of my doodling and handicrafts

And If you're wondering.... Why update now?

This is Why


My last blog update was on June 29, 2010
and I still have Readers commenting on May 2011

and so...

...I decided to activate my Blog again...

As a result
I revamped my Blog Page!

Here's the process of making my new banner

Step One.... Sketch

Step Two.... Darken Outline

Step Three.... Color

Step Four.... Paint it with Water

Step Five.... Scan, Edit and Adjust.

 And Wala! My New blog Banner




I made this for My dearest Boyfriend on our Anniversary.

Step One... Sketch on how you want your Stuff Doll to look like

Step Two: Draw it on any fabric material you like 
(Make sure the material is washable)

Step Three: Cut it out, including the doll's face features

Step Four: Arrange how you want your Stuff doll to look like

Step Five (Optional): I would normally compare with my Sketch

Step Six: And if you are satisfied with it, Sew it on!

Step Seven: Remember to leave enough openings for you to stuff your cotton in
for the next step

Step Eight: Stuff it with lots and lots of cotton!
I used about one and half bag of cotton, it depends on how big your doll is
and how Fluffy you want it to be.

Step Nine: Seal it up

And here is how mine looks














I name it, Puffy!

It would be a great gift for someone you love.

The One and Only Handmade.

(Who wouldn't love handicraft made by their dearest O.o!?)

Total Damage cost? 
hmmm I think i spend about less than SGD10/-

All Materials bought in Daiso ^_^


If you don't mind. I would love to see your creations too =)

Leave me an Email or Comment

Valky signing Off

P/S: I was reading my First blog post on my drawings... and discovered that my drawings have evolve.

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